Global Enterprise & Technology Investment (GETI) Fund I, has been created amidst a turbulent and volatile market, the likes that recent history has never seen. It has been created with a top down business strategy using Tactical Diversification within a private equity limited partnership structure.

  • The Primary Portfolio Objectives Include:
    • Economically Necessary, preferenced or survivability investments
  • Infrastructure targeted
  • Investment security through collateralized financial structure
  • Distributable Recurring revenue participation
  • Project specific as opposed to company general
  • Preservation of core asset appreciation over time
  • Commercialization of an existing asset or product
    • Allows for capitalized investment in exchange for volumetric based returns

In addition to these core drivers, GETI management primarily consists of seasoned business professionals with “C” level experience.  As opposed to using a passive corporate investment approach and looking for potential value add or general cost cutting measures, GETI management creates new opportunities within existing corporate structures and product lines that are project specific.  This allows specific focus on targeted growth areas as opposed to corporate culture and management challenges.  Essentially, GETI takes a “plug and play” approach whereby each investment project can be easily isolated or insulated from the company from which it exists under.  This gives maximum flexibility and options not tied to general economic circumstances.

In addition to non-beta correlated investment principles, investments targeted by GETI are not dependant upon a thriving IPO or public market place.  This is a major separation from traditional private equity investment that is often impaired by the “J Curve” phenomenon.  The GETI approach can virtually eliminate J Curve limitations via its distributable cash flow model.

By comparison to other alpha based investments such as commodity futures, GETI does not intend to use leverage itself and will always have a collateralized position for each investment.  This and much more sets the tactical diversification © approach by GETI apart from other alpha managers.

Additionally, GETI management feels that it is critical to understand the underlying drivers and needs of the individuals behind each institutional organization.  By incorporating such information into investment selections, GETI can potentially provide additional economic and other benefits to institutional investors and the individuals they represent.

Accordingly, the primary pillars for investment focus for the fund are: energy and energy related; renewables; and technologically supportive/solution oriented.

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